Promoting Brand name sunglasses Los AngelesIf you’re going to be a name in the community of internet marketers, you need to have a voice. And that voice needs to be speaking up as much as possible, as often as possible.

You need to have an opinion about everything and you need to make sure that everyone can hear you. Yes, you already know where you can talk – Facebook, Twitter, etc – but it’s not enough. And, get out more often!

There are other ways you can express yourself and begin to get your name mentioned around the world via the web.

Choosing to be vocal is not an option. It’s a necessity.

Your name should be in as many places as possible. And even in places you might not think it needs to be:

  • Local business directories
  • Online website lists
  • Your email address signature
  • Social media profiles

Here are some more ways to create visibility for your name…

Try these name expansion tactics:

  • Write articles.
  • Go to conferences.
  • Offer your services/expertise for free.
  • Attend trade shows.
  • Do a favor for a friend in the business.
  • Network, network, network. (tweetups are great)
  • Speak at a local chamber of commerce. (or just mix there)
  • Do weekly or regular podcasts and post them everywhere you can.
  • Do weekly videos and distribute on YouTube – use paid search as well.

While it might seem that internet marketing gurus simply come out of nowhere, this is not the case. Nor is it true that they simply have a lot of luck.

Right now, take some time to look at all of the places where your favorite internet marketing gurus are.

Do a simple Google search to find out where Gary Vaynerchuk is discussing something. You will find that he has not only commented on comments on his blogs and web videos, but his Twitter account is always on and others are passing on his comments to others.

That’s the thing, when you start talking, providing interesting, useful, and maybe provocative content, others will pass on what you have said. Want some rules as to what you should say when you speak up?

1) Say something important

Don’t just babble on about what you want others to do for you, share important advice and information that you think people can use. It may or may not be related to something you want to sell.

2) Speak up often

Try to offer good advice and direction as often as possible. True, not everything you say will resonate with everyone who reads it, but the more you speak up, the more people you will affect.

3) Speak from experience

If you’re a person who wants to discuss matters of internet marketing, that’s what you should be talking about. Find experts in the field and pass on their information to others. Even though you’re not the one who’s written the article, passing it on shows that you are committed to your field and to educating those who are listening.

Being vocal is something you can do from anywhere in the world and you don’t need to travel or have high tech equipment. All you need to do is to have something to say and then say it.

What tactics have you used to get your name out there?


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