Learn the key insights for top rankings in Google for your Small Business

The Google ranking issue comes up a lot.


Because the owners of small businesses who base business & revenue from their online counterpart must be visible in Google, the biggest search engine on the planet.

They know this — and, that keywords are a core connection point to success.

“Use keywords on your site that users would search for, says Jon Rognerud, Los Angeles-based author of Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization” – Newsday Small Business

Furthermore, make sure that you have a good relevancy match to your website (or, specifically pages). The best relevancy and timeliness (now also a factor for higher rankings) will always win.

“Google’s goal is to scour the Internet and find the most high-quality, relevant sites and give users information they are looking for,” says Tiffany Oberoi, a senior software engineer with Google in Mountain View, Calif. So when developing your SEO plan, think about who your audience is and what things they are searching for, she notes.

The recent Newsday article talks about the importance of content, keywords and social media. Take a look:

Small Business Newsday.com

Google AdWords’ keyword tool can help you search for relevant keywords, says Rognerud, noting that WordTracker.com is also a good keyword tool. Look at the sites of competitors and see how they are using keywords on their pages, he says.

Don’t try to overstuff your site with keywords, but rather place them in a way that makes sense. “Think about how would you write them naturally so it reads well,” says Rognerud, who also recommends adding social media buttons for Facebook and Twitter on your site. This will encourage people to comment and link back to your site, he says, noting that Google picks up on these “social signals.”

Freshness factor: It pays to have a blog, Rognerud adds. “Google loves fresh content.”

And if you don’t have a blog, at least try to update your website through video, photos, etc.

I agree with the other experts in the article — think about the users first, and search engines will follow.

Take-away/action step: What are you doing now with your content development? And, what can you change on existing pages if you are not seeing the level of engagement you’d like? Review your keywords and web analytics, and start making a few changes and test as you go.

It’s easy to improve Google Rankings if you know how. Start with the basics: keywords.

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