Money makes the world go around, right? Or, was that love? Or, is that the energy from the solar nebula?

Google says that the phrase “How To Make Money” is found in about 203,000,000 results (0.14 seconds).

Those words are found on pages in the billion+ webpages from the Google index (a database of the inter-webs).

Money related terms a highly sought after topic – people want security & shelter first, and money can provide that.

When seeking information about what makes the world go ’round, we see (Google) results with broad variety, from music, an Ode To Bob Dylan (Blue Sage), HuffingtonPost, physicsforums, Amazon, videos, Disney and this book (ugly website still ranks).

If Google search results shows us that money makes the world go around, it must be true!

This post answers the question: “how do I get more money“, so you can create more energy in your own world – while still keeping your feet planted safely on the ground.

Money is just an instrument – a device used to reflect an exchange of value offered by another party.

Money itself is not the goal you should have. In fact, if you think about how to make a million dollars, and that the money is the only driver, you’ll fail.

The real secret to making more money is to …. provide more value (duh, right?).  But, we often forget. For example, you may be gainfully employed. When you punch your timecard (if hourly based), and even a regular paycheck – you assume that your boss or company pays you for your time. Wrong. They pay you for your value that you bring. If you were paid for time alone, you could take seriously long coffee breaks, watch a movie, and come back to punch out by 5.

To make more money – you have to ask: “how can I provide more value”? If you are expanding into new markets – ask how you can provide more value to those markets, not what they bring you.

So, it’s a simple answer to how to make more money, but it’s not necessarily easy. You have to actually DO something. If you are working at a low paying job, it’s not your boss’s fault – it’s you. You are simply not valuable enough to the marketplace.

One of the ways we in the Internet Marketing world can create more value is to learn a new skill. That’s true for any market, but since I’m in it, I use it as an example.

Many years ago (late 1995) I wrote my first HTML page. I thought it was slightly beneath me at that point, seemed too simple. I considered myself more “advanced” than that. However, I built out my first website, and started learning about usability, search and monetization on the web.  I worked closely with technology, marketing, ops and finance groups over the next many years as I ramped up my own consulting company.

There was massive learning going on. Any book on the topic, forums and magazines were part of my research. I became a learning machine.  Today, it’s more exciting than ever – so much to learn, too little time.

My main point: you need to change up your learning. Pick up a craft, a new skill – and make sure it’s something people want, and fulfills you at the same time. Start directing your own life.

I had developed websites without really thinking about SEO (search engine optimization). Back then, it was much easier to optimize (add a few tags, slam the keywords tag full, etc).

Today, you have to learn the inner workings of search engines and user behavior at a whole new level. Let’s not forget about social media and paid advertisement (Google Adwords).

I recommend you also find books and online materials on your topic. If it’s search engine optimization and the need to master search advertisement, my blatant self promo is to get my new SEO book. (Limited Free SEO Book Copies here).

And, if you want to listen what it’s all about – click this audio file. jon rognerud seo book commercial (audio)

No matter what you do – make sure you provide MORE VALUE – and you will make more money.

What can you do – starting today?


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