Most clients I come across that has done “some” Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC), have lots of questions about it, since it’s not working for them.

And, with Google Adwords new options, tools and strategies (more competitive marketplaces) – answers get more complex too.

We use a checklist, and when we ask about targeting, display (content) network versus search network, bidding strategies, ad copy, ad optimization selections, keyword match types and perhaps most importantly, conversion code – we get blank stares. That’s ok. It’s not their job to run a profitable PPC campaign, if they can only spend 20-30 minutes each week. And, they are unsure about how to set it up correctly in the first place, test and create viable actions based on results.

However, the one thing they could do, is to figure out how to apply conversion code to their pages. This is how you track your “money” via events to a “thank you” page, download, etc.

How do you set up Adwords conversion tracking code?

Google provides a lot of help – from online resources, videos and even 800 support.

What is conversion tracking?

“Conversion tracking involves placing a cookie on a user’s computer when he or she clicks on an ad. Then, if the user clicks on your ad and reaches one of your conversion pages, the user’s browser sends the cookie to a Google server, and a small conversion tracking image is displayed on your site. When such a match is made, Google records a successful conversion for you”. – Google

And, all this information is available within Adwords reports. So, with this description in place, let’s look at your options to complete. Google makes this easy.

Please visit the 5 steps to conversion code tracking here.

Finally, use the checklist and see more details here:

What do you think? Has Adwords gotten more difficult?


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