University of southern-california MHB lecture Jon Rognerud
Jon Rognerud Reveals The 3 Secrets To Internet Success Via Fun MHB Lecture at USC

There is an idea that says: “build it, and they will come”. I’m here to tell you it’s a fallacy…unless you think about, plan and execute your _____________ (insert what you are creating here)…..well, “just right”.

And, when it comes to the Internet at large, there is nothing worse than assuming that business or traffic to your websites and social media properties will just “happen”. There is a clear path to success online, if you know how.

Now, much is written on this topic. There are many ways to drive traffic (visitors) to your pages, videos and multi-social (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc) platforms and back. And, it’s not just online. Billions of dollars are transacted each year from very successful offline campaigns. From lumpy-mail, postcards, tearsheets, brochures to email marketing, social media, PPC (pay per click) and SEO (search engine optimization), for example.

Truth be told: there are only 3 ways to become a success online with your personal or company brands.
In my recent lecture at USC, I discussed topics around human psychology and marketing (very related, by the way!) and in specific these online success principles:

First, you need to understand where and how you are getting traffic from. This is important, since not all traffic is created equally. You could see a surge or spike from traffic from social media, only to see very little in terms of “transactions”. Now, I realize that some value can be had, if your brand gets a recognition (awareness) lift, but it’s “soft”.

Secondly, you need to make sure the visitor takes action once they land on your page. Asked another way: “have you created an amazing, compelling offer”? They should know it quickly (within seconds), or they will leave.

Thirdly, understand the concept of conversion. You must figure out/track and tweak your “systems” (the word to describe all the moving parts in a marketing system, including your copy and media) to find out how to improve on your CR (Conversion Rate). Much has been written about CRO, the professional acronym for conversion rate optimization.

Watch this smartly crafted video on how to succeed on the Internet from the team lead by MHB student Lucas Carden. It’s a useful program, since human behavior, psychology and marketing are brilliantly inter-twined. Find more information on the Masters of Human Behavior at USC.

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