New Book With Dr. Joey Faucette

Dr. Joey Faucette is somebody you just want to get to know.

His kind spirit, deep knowledge in business & life, dedication to helping people and businesses attain a “bigger purpose and result”, all with a positive view on life, is truly inspiring. (wow, all in one sentence too!)

You feel it when you meet or speak with him. (And, it probably helps that he is from the south originally, and with a slow, upbeat, and purposeful voice and message!).

Mr. Faucette is an internationally known author, speaker, and coach. He has taught business professionals this life-transforming process for over two decades, leading individuals in organizations of every size to achieve amazing results.

He is the founder of Listen to Life, a company that coaches people to redefine their reality and fulfill their business dreams. He is the host of the syndicated radio show, Listen to Life.

Learn more at, follow him on Twitter @drjoey and become a Facebook fan.

(I have had the personal pleasure of knowing Dr. Joey in the last year myself, and I was excited that he would join me here for this interview).

Dr. Joey – now that we know a little bit about more you, can I ask some probing questions?

“But, of course!”

1. What is a “business coach”?

It’s a little bit more on the softer side of things. See, philosophically, there is no distinction between personal and business life. It all comes from the same place. We tend to think that we can compartmentalize and separate lives. But, whatever weaknesses I have in my personal life, it will show up in my business as well.  So, I help business owners, executives & sales people to look at themselves in a work positive manner. I’m a relationship coach, life coach, counselor.

(Dr. Joey says he got bored listening to problems all the time. He recognized his own gifts and strengths, and wished to work with people who want to move forward. It’s much easier to get from point “A” to point “B” with those folks. These people say: “I’m ready, just show me the way. Not so with the “misery” people.)

2. Your awesome, new book “Work Positive” – how did it come to be?

It came to be at an early age. (Feel free to read more about the 9 year old boy and the challenges he had).

See, I learned that even when things look dark around … things can change. We didn’t have it so easy when I grew up, but that didn’t stop me. I mowed the grass and did “entrepreneurial” things to reach goals, and I remember the 3-speed bike, I wanted that in the worst way (and he got it!). I learned from trial & error, personal experiences. I learned early that adversity is a wonderful university. I didn’t allow the negative world around me to affect me.

I had been thinking about a new book, but when a friend said “Joey, please write a best-seller”, I was hooked. That’s what we have now, and so that’s what we refer to it as. I have written 5 books previously, but wanted to write a new book and also with the right publisher. It was the right time now.

3. What can I do if I’m only a cog in a wheel at a company? I mean, “I’m only an employee”?

Well, there are a lot of armchair quarterbacks, right? And, they try to make the pass complete every time. But, I say change it to ask: “if I owned the company, here’s what I would do”. So, I recommend changing the mental shift from “just an employee”, and to somebody different. Become a person where you have ownership and are a member of a work team with goals. It’s important. If not, companies cannot compete in the global economy. You might consider creating an “investor mentality” on the part of the employees. And, here is an urgent message to the business leaders also: You cannot afford to have followers anymore. You must create a “partner-type” environment.

So, as an employee – shift your mindset to “stakeholder”. Act like you own the company. You own your part and the process. And, go ahead and do what you say you would do. Do it. If it works, do it again. Adjust.

Finally, tweak it, and develop it… make it better. Then, let your supervisor know. They will quickly see and know where all this positive work is coming from.

4. When should I change jobs? What is my “signal” to move on?

Look within yourself. Or, as a friend stated: do a “check up from neck up”. Ask: what are my expectations re: this position? Does it capture my unique contribution? Are my core values in alignment in corporate values?

And, there has to be an expression of those core values at the company level too. One thing is to have mission & vision statements on a fine printed paper with a frame in a hallway. But, are they living them out?

Discover what are your priorities and the company’s priorities? For example, do “politics” seem more important? Look around. Ask: Is this a toxic environment for me? Each company, each person will be different of course. Look at it from a “brute inspection” viewpoint. Is it inline with my contribution?

If the company has morphed away from the original core values, it may be time. But, don’t always consider the exit door. You might get an “aha” moment, make some changes, and move from an existing position to a new position… and get even better benefits. See, we often internalize these things. It takes pain to move us. Even if it’s miserable for a bit, we won’t do anything…because the uncertainty of the future will be more painful.

5. What ONE THING should the reader do today… to make a change in their outlook. What do you recommend?

I get this question a lot. Here is what I recommend:

  1. Redirect it. Try this: In the next 3 weeks, every single morning… during your commute – focus on 1 positive dimension of your work. It could be very basic: Wow, my payroll check cleared, that’s good! Do this every day, don’t stop.
  2. Reframe it.  And, as you do that (#1), spend time ONLY with other positive people in your workplace. Invest your time with positive people. We all have shortcomings, but you know who’s upbeat and positive… and who’s not. Even if it’s your boss.
  3. Remove yourself (from the conversation). Don’t stay in it. Order coffee, get a juice, excuse yourself. It’s toxic and will not help you. Focus on something positive – again – another dimension of work.

What happens next is that people say: “Man, this is interesting… after about a week, I started thinking about other positive things too, and my life started changing”…

Great! Thanks so much for your time today, Dr. Joey – I look forward to talking again soon!

I suggest you pick up a copy now. Here’s where you can get it.  (Amazon link)


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