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The cliche “content is King” has been a mainstay throughout the SEO world for years. It’s a phrase you hear and see all the time. It is used because it’s true. Content works.

It comes in many forms, and for search engines – text is the easiest/best way for spiders to pick up your work. Images and videos can be optimized too, but digital and streamed data must use a different approach (a post for another time).

In this post, we focus on text, and what options you have to create it.

What tips exist to help with writing at least 800 to 1,000 words every day?

And, if you are writing now – is it sucking major time out of your day?

Writer’s block is not pretty when it happens. However, that often assumes that somebody is actually writing in the first place. Small business owners and Entrepreneurs need to write. The benefits include search engine visibility (if done right) – and the opportunity to show their “expertness”. If used in a blog (recommended) for example, they can interact, answer questions and more.

Kikolani presents 7 ways to write every day. Here they are:

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1. Just Start Writing

2. Keep a Notepad

3. Breathe New Life Into Old Ideas

4. Clear Your Mind and Set the Mood

5. Exercise

6. Read

7. Let it Flow

In summary, Jim DeBellis says:

The key point to remember is to approach your writing as a discipline and develop your own methodology—but be flexible when necessary.

Turn off the radio or TV, change your clothes, go into a different room or outside or to the coffee house. The words are there, and you are just the medium that channels them onto the page. Healthy habits and a regular routine will keep you tuned into the inspiring forces all around you.

When all else fails, change up your routine. If you generally outline your blogs or articles before writing, try winging it, jotting ideas for the next paragraphs as you go. If you usually wing it, try writing notes first. Switch it up, and let the inspiration begin!


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