writing ebooks for fun and profit pictureThere are tons of ways to make money online.  I get questions about this all the time: “how do you make money on the Internet, and what is the first step?”

When I mention that writing (content) is a great way to begin, I get blank stares and a bit of disgust thrown in for good measure. In truth, their own self-limiting beliefs is what is stopping them.

“I’m not a writer”, “I failed English in College”, “My writing is like an 8 year old, I could never do that”, etc.

I feel for them. I have been there too. It’s not easy. But then again, would you want that? The easy way out is the couch, TV, potato chips, beer and dessert first. Instead, challenge yourself, and think about this:

One of the best, long term, proven ways is by writing eBooks. If you enjoy writing and you are good at it – even better. Then, why not consider writing an eBook?

Not sure what you’d write on? Well the topics are endless. Write on a subject that you have expertise in and start selling.

In fact, if you don’t know how to write, but can  speak – just dictate your notes and thoughts – and have somebody else transcribe it, and add a little writer’s pizzazz by their hand.

The traditional method of writing a book and finding a publisher is consuming and it can take a long time for your book to reach your target audience. An eBook offers far more flexibility.

Here are some tips to get your started.

Since an eBook is a digital book, you can easily publish yourself, advertise and sell online, or sell through sites like Amazon.

The internet offers you a global market, which means you have a market that is far reaching and readily available.

There are many self-publishing tools available too.

Let’s look at how you can make money by writing an electronic book or eBook.

1. Topic

To write your eBook you need to think about what you are going to write on. If you aren’t sure start researching topics online, in magazines, reviewing current events, etc. It must be a subject that you have adequate knowledge on. The topic you are going to write on should also be popular, in demand, and interesting. Before you start writing make sure you have adequate information to complete an eBook.

2. Draft

After you are sure you have adequate information it’s time to start to write your draft. You’ll want to proofread your draft or you can hire a professional to proofread it for you. Then you can decide if you want to add more content or if what you have is adequate. When you are happy your draft is the best it can be you are ready to move on to the final version.

3. Self publishing tools

For your eBook to be available for sale on the internet you will need to upload it using one of the self publishing websites such as Lulu or Amazon. You will not need to pay money to publish your eBook on these sites, which is a real bonus. You see you don’t have to have money to make money. Just a great idea and time. Oh yes, and let’s not forget about the writing skills.

4. Promotion

Next it’s time to publicize the eBook you wrote. Marketing through social networking has a lot to offer, as does publicizing through blogs, forums, etc. The goal is to have your eBook reach the widest possible audience online. While that’s good, make sure that you don’t “write for the world”. Try to niche your topic down, and make it compelling for a smaller group first. For example, “weight loss for women over 40” is much better than “weight loss”. You can drill down even further. 🙂

5. Partners/Affiliates

You might also consider using affiliates to sell your eBook. There are a number of excellent affiliate marketing programs such as ClickBank that will promote your book on your behalf. When your book sells they keep a percentage of each of the sales.


Writing an eBook is a great way to make money and to generate revenue over the long term. Once demand is established and your markets are in place your eBook can continue selling for a very long time especially if the subject remains popular.

The more eBooks you publish the more credible you will become as a writer and the easier it will be for you to sell your eBooks.

So what are you waiting for, my friend?


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