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Visitors that come to your website and click around are generally good activities to have. But, a click by itself is not enough.

Once you have the person on your website, you need to make sure that click is converting into money for you – and that means you need to do some additional work once someone is there.

You need to make sure there are plenty of opportunities for the person to make the purchase you want them to make.

If they’re not pulled in by the ad, banner or SEO results snippet, or they’ve clicked it but they haven’t taken any other steps, you might want to entice them by offering them more.

This will eventually inspire them down the line to say yes to your offers. Do this with good intention to provide value, and build trust.

If you are trying to make money, why would you give stuff away for free?

Freebies are always a good way to help encourage a person to buy from you. This is especially the case when it comes to informational products.

When you’re selling an eBook, for example, you might want to sell a trial form of the book, like a special report. Or, write a 20-30 page informational ebook that you give away for free. This document should be filled with valuable information, and give away some of your best tips. And when the person downloads this (for free), they will get a taste of what a larger eBook might be like. They start to think: “hey, this was really good. If this was free – I can just imagine what the paid stuff might look like”. As a result, they might be more willing to pay for a larger product.

Ideas for Freemium Products or Services:

Add these to your list of possible giveaways that you can include on your landing page or as a part of your ad content and messages:

• Free samples
If you can offer a free sample to your customers, they will be able to see what you have to offer before they spend any money. This is an attractive way to enhance your business. You will have them pay the shipping and handling and they will have the item in their hand to try out as soon as possible.

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Free information products
Again, special reports and other similar products can be helpful. Have a freelance writer create one of these for you and then you can have the customer download the item when they give you their email address.

• Free newsletters
If you collect the email address of the customer who clicked on the banner ad, you can offer to send them a regular newsletter which will help them to keep informed of related ideas and products. You can also fill the newsletter with valuable information so it’s not just a sales letter in disguise.

• Free videos and audio
If your product is related to audio or video items, you can also include links to these sorts of advertising tools. You might include, for example, a free video of a workout for your diet plan’s program. This will give your customer a taste of what they can expect or they can use the free workout as a starting point. Creating “how-to” videos and downloadable audio’s is great way to get started.

• Free memberships and trial runs
You might want to offer those who come to your site and sign up for the mailing list a chance to be a part of a member’s only area. Just by sighing up, they can be a part of an exclusive club where they can hear about specials ahead of time, plus be privy to a host of informational articles, videos, audio, etc.

TIP: A free teleseminar is easy to set up, and you can get a lot of leverage by connecting personally, and so they can hear your voice. Make it a “training” session, not a pitch-fest. Think of the free offers as a process, a means to a goal. Think of this process as you would dating. You are meeting for the first time. You are building trust and authority with the person, and creating a bond over time. Think “personal touch”!

The more free things you can give to a customer, things which don’t cost you much to produce, the more likely it is that a person will be convinced to buy something bigger. They will buy your knowledge, not your good looks (although that could help, if you are doing this on video) 😉


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