seo web traffic graphic tips

SEO (search engine optimization) can be used to drive more traffic to your website. You knew that right?

Here’s a quick checklist to consider. You can start applying these today, and within days and weeks, you can see a change to your website traffic.

Try these SEO traffic tactics. It works for your local business website as well.

1. Make sure you have a keyword rich TITLE tag (for each of your pages). 1-3 keywords could be good.

2. Keywords into your copy. Include the keywords that you used in the TITLE into the body of your page

3. Search engine friendly URLs. Instead of, use (simplified)

4. Sitemap. Make sure you have both a Sitemap.HTML and Sitemap.XML version for your website. Users and search engines will love you.

5. Optimize meta tags. Make sure you have things like TITLE, DESCRIPTION, H1, H2 and ALT tags optimized to match your target keywords (no spam).

6. Use related keywords. Include synonyms and related keywords on the page you are optimizing

7. Create links back to your website. Directories (only a few), Articles, Blogs/Guest blogging, Software, Templates/Themes, and personal connection

8. Make some videos – and include a full description with URL/website back to you. Syndicate videos across multiple video platforms.

What do you think?


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