The Jon Rognerud Media And Marketing Podcast
The Jon Rognerud Media And Marketing Podcast
How To Create A One Hour Business Planning Process

In today’s broadcast, I’ll talk about the 3-simple steps to business planning for your business.

Building a plan for your business with steps to reach the goals are a must. However, we all get busy and will avoid lengthy and potentially boring business planning meetings.

It sometimes may just feel too overwhelming, it brings up the realism of all the work you have to do. You may be the one person that ends up late in the office with all the work. So, you don’t challenge yourself, and fall back to “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”.

Instead, how about creating a process that makes sure you and your team gets all the necessary things checked off, very fast — and with a plan that you can follow? And, without the normal drudgery of ‘business planning’?

Let’s break this down! Here we go…

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Quotable from this broadcast: “The process of business planning is breathtakingly simple.” – @JonRognerud

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