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If you are marketing online for celebrities, what follows are good tips for you to watch for, and take action on. You can share these with your celebrity client too.

Education is important, so don’t try to hide this stuff from them. Make it a team effort. Their input will be vital to your success.

Video is where your celebrity wants to be anyway, so why not make it a part of the marketing campaign that will make them a household name, if they aren’t already?

You need to keep in mind that there are several different types of media: text, audio, and video. And while text is great and audio is better, video is where you can really grab the attention of others.

If you’ve looked at the news over the last few years, you’ve noticed that more news stations have been including videos in their news and on their websites.

Video is engaging, interactive, and it helps to bring even more personality to your celebrity. Reading about someone is one thing, hearing and seeing them is another.

What are others doing in this marketplace?

Just as with anything else you want to do on the Internet, it’s a good idea to check to see what the market already has in it. For example, if everyone is talking about coffee in the celebrity world, it might be a good idea to become a part of that conversation. Or you can make the conscious decision to not be in that discussion, as you want to create something unique.

It’s up to you.

In the beginning, however, it can help to go to YouTube and begin to search by keywords you’ve already associated with your celebrity. This might be ‘actress’ or ‘indie star’ or whatever other words you want people to associate with your celebrity’s name.

Check to see what other sorts of videos are popping up when you include this search. Also, search the name of your celebrity so you can see what is being said and how you might need to handle those situations – if at all.

Once you get an idea of what people want to see when they look up the keywords you have chosen, then you can begin to make a list of ideas for videos.
Or you might want to have your celebrity create a list of their favorite movies and videos, which they can then promote on YouTube in order to continue the establishment of their personality online. Sharing videos is akin to sharing status updates and other ideas online, just as you might with Twitter or Facebook.

Have a list, with your celebrity’s help, of the sorts of videos you might post and then begin to create scripts to create these videos.


The good news about creating videos today is that it’s easier than ever. Since technology is moving so fast, those video cameras, which were expensive to buy not so long ago, are now cheaper than ever. You can buy a small digital video camera, with the software built in for around $100, for example. This will allow you and your celebrity to create videos in moments and then upload them to YouTube the same day.

Or using a webcam can be another option, helping your celebrity do the videos they want to do, without having to come to you. There are also some video recording features on cell phones, so your celebrity might want to try these out too.

What you can do is have the celebrity send you a lot of videos they have taken and then you can sort through them in order to post them as you see fit for things they’re talking about already.

The take home lesson from this section is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to put videos on the YouTube site. In fact, the less you spend at first, the better. Focus instead on the content and entertaining or educating those who watch the videos – and then if things go well, then you can update and invest in a more expensive system of video capture.


One of the things you need to figure out about your celebrity right now is the same question you’ve been asking since setting up their Facebook and Twitter accounts – what is the point of the YouTube persona? Should these videos be entertaining or should they be educational?

If you stop to think about how your celebrity wants to be portrayed in the media, then you will find your answer. Obviously, if your celebrity is a comedienne, then you want to post funny clips. And if your celebrity wants to be taken seriously for their causes, then the videos will be primarily serious.

Here are some ideas that you can use:

1. Post videos of the celebrity doing what they do best
If your celebrity is an actor, post videos of their acting work, for example. Having examples and videos of the celebrity in action will help to create a buzz.

2. Post videos of everyday events
Like the postings about things that the celebrity does on their day off, the these videos can be just a minute or two, giving those who come to the channel some insight into what the celebrity does many days.

3. Post videos of fans and reviewers
This will also help to show those who might not be aware of your celebrity what others think of them.

The balance between educational and entertaining is a tricky one, since you don’t want to be too over the top (unless the celebrity is over the top). You want to find out what people like and then make sure that you are posting more of those.
Watching the comments and the number of views will help you get a better idea about what people like and what they do not like.


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Yes, once you have some ideas and some time, you need to create a celebrity channel. This will be a place where all of the celebrity videos will be posted, helping to have one location where a visitor can return to again and again.

This channel should use the name of the celebrity and the profile should be similar to the bio and the other information which is on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The more you repeat the information about your celebrity, the easier it will be to find on the Internet.
The celebrity channel will allow your celebrity to feature different videos as well as store videos they want to share with others. This makes it a more interactive process than just posting links to videos and hoping for the best.

You can create a channel in just a few moments, much like you would any other social media account, with a clear name, some biographical information, as well as a valid email account. You can also add in links to the celebrity’s Facebook page and their Twitter account, further spreading the word in this way.

With a channel for your celebrity:

  • Your celebrity is easier to find and bookmark.
  • Followers of the channel can subscribe to the channel to get informed about new videos when they are posted.
  • You can add personality to the page with different backgrounds, designs, and arrangements.
  • The channel can be organized into different kinds of videos.

The channel option in YouTube allows you to post five minute or less videos, as many as you like. If the channel becomes popular, then you might want to talk to your celebrity about upgrading to a partner membership.
This will let you post longer videos, but for many, this is unnecessary since most people online don’t want to watch a movie or clip more than five minutes in duration.

The setup process for YouTube is pretty self explanatory, so instead, let’s focus on how you can get traffic to come and to visit this YouTube channel.

A. Post YouTube videos everywhere
Cross marketing works. When you post links on Twitter and Facebook pages about your celebrity’s YouTube account, people will visit it. If they like what they see, they will subscribe and tell others.

B. Tell all of your friends and family
Getting noticed occurred when a lot of people watch the same video again and again. That’s how YouTube decides which videos are hot and what are not. Encourage everyone you know to try to watch the videos at least once. This will get the YouTube video channel off to a good start.

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C. Post the link on the celebrity website
By posting regular YouTube links on the website as well as any celebrity blogs you might run, then you can spread the word and increase the number of times each video you post is played.

You can also use the scheduling Twitter tools to make sure your video is in heavy rotation when it first comes out. Try to include it on as many status updates as you can. And once the traffic counts go up, you will see the results.

What do you think?


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