killer headline writing starts with this
You want to draw more attention to your website? You need to get more traffic and lead opportunities sent your way?

Huge amounts of money is being made on the Internet. We all know that.

However, did you know that most of that money starts with writing powerful “attention” grabbers?

When you hear/read this, you may think “duh, yeah” – but it’s maybe not so obvious in your work day.

Have you thought about it lately? Supposedly, you get bombarded with over 30,000 messages each and every day. Some messages will stick and get you to follow up, or make you get back to the requester of your time.

What is the difference between the “I don’t care” message to the “hey, that looks interesting”?

It truly starts with something as “basic” as a strong headline. It can come from an online ad, a forum post, a press release, banners and emails – and many other ways. And, some call these “click bait” – a way to speak to the “lizard brain” that gets you to react.

How do you know how to create an attention grabbing headline? Here’s what you must know:

The top copywriters in the world, people like John Carlton, Bob Bly and Michael Masterson have made millions for their clients.

They have become millionaires too.

But, they started with the basics, and they still do: research and target dissection. Then, they use formulas, skills and experience. They truly understand their mission, and who they are trying to connect with.

Simple, but not easy.

Here are key things to consider when writing headlines for marketing campaigns:

  1. Headlines need to stand out, stand on their own (research your market)
  2. Headline swipe files get old – work your own instead (don’t just copy existing)
  3. Create headlines that promises benefit and relevance to the reader’s lives (hopes, dreams)
  4. Add excitement & entertainment – and try to mix both (number 3 + number 4)
  5. Make use of simple effective formulas like AIDAS (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, Satisfaction)
  6. Try testing triggers and words like: lust, mystique, alarm, prestige, power, vice, trust (Sally Hogshead)
  7. Use adjectives in the headline: surprising, shocking, career-ending, explode, gut-wrenching…

You may be an English Major, or have fine arts and writing perfectionism in your background, but don’t let that skew you.

Use formulas that work. And – they often goes against “conventional” learning and proper English.

Finally, deliver on your promise in your headline.

So…include killer headlines in all your copy. This will help drive eyeballs and traffic to your online assets.

In Social media marketing, headline writing is a game changer. In SEO, make sure to include keywords, but not always for the “keywords” sake. Think about the user, and draw attention in a way described above.

Now take a look at this video on copywriting and headlines:



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