We all know that headlines in copywriting is intended to act as an attention grabber. Much like headlines in newspapers, magazines and the National Enquirer (Yuck) – they aim to draw you in.

The idea of the headline is really to pull you towards the second line (often the sub-header). Then, from there, it’s a slippery-slope towards the goal of an action, or specific event. You may even consider using a “pre-head” too (a short incentivizer above the main headline).

As a writer, blogger, direct response marketer, advertiser (copywriting) your job is to provide useful, unique & helpful information – convincing copy with a strong call to action included.

Writing headlines can sometimes be challenging. You may get “headline writer’s block”.

Over time, we may feel that our headlines become boring, overused. What to do? You need a new set of fresh ideas for headline writing.

Here are 102 ideas to write great headlines.

Our main man, Chris Garrett, put together a super-nice list for you to use (and share) here.

As you look through the document, try to think about the many ways you can use it for your business. Then, do some quick research within your marketplace, and see where others may be implementing similar ideas, and if you can do it better.

Finally, if you are using them on a traditional online sales letter (you should), run visual optimizer or Google’s web optimizer and test different pages for efficiency in results. Combine that with your web analytics study. (bounce rates, navigation paths, entry/exit points, conversion rates). CRO is the fancy word for Conversion Rate Optimization.

Feel free to share that document. It’s cool & useful for your new, updated killer headlines.


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