If you do any type of writing online, you’ll do yourself a favor by using tactical copywriting checklists.

For example, when you are structuring your content, do you know what elements you need to hit and where? How do you begin?

A checklist can get your mind stirring in the right way, even if you are not a copywriting expert.

Authority Rules for both users and search engines. If you see a person with white gloves, a hat and a blue outfit with badges on it – at a traffic stop, you’ll quickly adjust. Same goes for a person dressed in a white coat walking inside a hospital. Doctors, law officials and folks of known or recognized “authority” draws attention, and commands respect.

This is true for the web as well. Google’s famous PageRank formula is based on trust and authority signals from other websites. Your page gets this value accumulated via links pointing back to it.

The 9 starter tips should get your copywriting fired up. And, there are plenty more – information below.

Here is just a few to get you started. (Thanks, Sonia Simone. She is somebody you should definitely check out while you’re at it).

  1. “[Here’s who I am], here’s what I’ve got, here’s what it will do for you, here’s what I want you to do next.” (John Carlton)
  2. Does the piece talk to the prospect as a friend? Am I visualizing one person as I write? Do I sound like a human being? Any corporate speak lurking?
  3. Am I entering into the conversation taking place in the prospect’s head?
  4. Does it kick off with a compelling benefit? Is this a benefit anyone cares about?
  5. Does the piece begin by commanding attention? Could I start with a story? (The prospect is the story’s surrogate protagonist.)
  6. Does the piece then form a bond with the prospect? Does it establish empathy and connection? Is it speaking to a deep fear or desire of the prospect?
  7. Does the copy communicate exactly how and why the solution works?
  8. Is there a call to action? Is it clear? It it unmuddled? Is there only one?
  9. Have the important objections been addressed?

This is not even half of the list.

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