It’s a known fact. Google favors authority websites. However, the definition of the word authority are many.  The one definition that relates to Google’s intention of serving the best, most relevant content is: “an expert whose views are taken as definitive; ‘he is an authority on internet marketing for small business‘”.

Brands are another favorite.

Google knows and trusts brands, and they are by “default” seen as an authority. While building your powers over time, one aspect that will be important for you is…. you’re right –> your website!

How do you build authoritativeness into your online domain and pages? Here are 10 secrets to building websites that really powers your search and business online.

If you are a small business, it’s hard to do everything. In fact, serving and building relationships with your customers will be a big chunk of your work time. They pay you, and you pay the bills (and “save” a little too). Making sure you have cash-flow into your business on a consistent basis is key. However, you must allocate time and resources to help you with your marketing and website. Learn from these tips.

#1 – Your Unique Selling Point, Your Value Proposition.

You must do everything to set yourself apart. Many ways to do this, as you’ll see. However, a good, usable website (design) is one that you must consider early on. However, nice pictures with low quality content is not useful either.

#2 – People Like To Buy – But Not Be Sold To.

Learn how to educate and tell, not sell. Pitching your “wares” at every turn will put people off. It’s obvious what you are trying to do, and people are sick and tired of messages with hype. What can you do today – to educate your audience?

#3 – Killer Content (that ranks in search engines).

Provide good, consistent content with keywords and structured data that is easy to consume – for both users and search engines. Do you keyword research, and implement SEO copywriting techniques.

#4 – Attention & Interest.

Make sure you hook your audience with strong headlines that provide benefit and call to action. (Like the headline of this post!). Read up on the AIDA formula.

#5 – Social Networks & Outreach.

Make sure to get out from behind that computer. Powerful networks can do wonders for your business and website. Implement social buttons on your website, and let people share your stuff.  Promotion will be much easier when you have good stuff to share, and quality people to help you.

#6 – The “Other” Marketing Tool.

Email marketing is seriously underused. Make sure that you build your list, and grow your relationship. The rules about hard-sell apply. Don’t do it. Build over time, and they will buy from you.

#7 – Blogs & SEO.

Consider installing a (WordPress) blog. Get a theme to match your corporate site, and implement SEO strategies for all. Blogs are terrific out of the box, but don’t forget your website. Hire an SEO specialist when you can.

#8 – Technical Foundations.

Outside of blogs – make sure you have a search friendly site – from your host to the actual page code (HTML). Make sure you have everything you need to succeed, so Google and search engines don’t hiccup on your pages.

#9 – Pretty Pictures (and more).

Sure, they help – but make sure your entire search is user friendly, attractive and engages people. Have you checked your bounce-rate lately? If you are receiving visitors to your site, and 90% of them leave within 1-2 seconds, you have some changes to make! (Ed Note: I get less then 10% bounce rate, about 5-13% on average).

#10 – Group Hugging.

When you provide all these steps for your website, and combine it with a likeability and supportive factor, your folks will help you up the ladder. The concept of a tribe is most important, and not to be forgotten.

This will take time – but if you want to fast-track it, make sure to download the Authority Rules information from CopyBlogger Media. Learn how to become the likable expert.

What do you think? What will you do first?


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