Being Sold A Local SEO Package...UseLess

“We are calling regarding your current website placement in Google. We have an opening on the first page of Google for your website, and we can get you placed there, for a huge increase in your local visibility. It’s available now, but only on a first come, first served basis, and it’s important that your owner of the company call me right away at this direct number in California: (949) xxx-xxx. Thank you.”

This is such a sales pitch! But, I give them 5 stars for ballsy-ness. How well do you think this pitch works in today’s “social, thank you economy”? And, will this be a long-term, personal client relationship?

If this is the only way they are marketing their business, I feel sorry for them. (and especially since they are not doing research. they called an optimization company. pretty lame.)

Clearly, anytime you receive a “sales-call” at your office, you are smart enough to know when it’s legit or not, right? But, I must admit – I was taken for just a second when the caller said “Google Placement Department” – it sounded official, and the voice was very corporate, direct and urgent. Good job there, you got me for a bit.

But, when I called back, the person seemed very “iffy”, and while I won’t reveal the name, it’s a new company – one of many we see that are set up on the premises of getting small business owners to buy local SEO packages (they don’t need).

Yes, I said “Don’t Need”. That doesn’t mean a business owner should not be educated and learn how to leverage amazing local search tactics and strategies. But, much like a doctor providing a diagnosis for an illness, and laying out the steps to “fix” you – you’ll get the best benefit and results from a proper analysis. That’s the better/right way to do it. And, the business owner can decide if this makes sense or not.

Now, from a simplistic marketing perspective – the first rule is to “Get Attention”. Then, you must raise the “Interest”. Finally, move towards “Desire” and “Action”, so the sale can be completed.

So, this caller got my attention, but nothing more, it stopped dead in its tracks. Once on the phone, it’s all about trying to sell, sell, sell. In fact, offering a package is what many gullable small business owners go for and from pushy sales folks.

In this case, a “stacked” sales diagram is presented. So, do YOU think this local small business marketing package is valuable? How do you know? The money/cost (investment is the word I choose) is irrelevant.

1. Business Essentials – $399

2. Business Premium – $499

3. Business Elite – $599

(Packages are very similar, but include keyword research, directories, Google, Bing, Yahoo local, blog, hosting, set up and optimization of Google Places, etc). 

The only difference in packages is number of directory links, number of keywords, and number of pages optimized – pretty much.

Is this of great value to a business owner? What do you think?

And, how could a similar service like this be worth $5,000 a month instead? (A much less work-intensive, and smarter strategy)

I just feel bad for all the small business owners that end up paying for stuff they have no idea about, and only to be sold a “package”.


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