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(Top social media consultants list)

When a small business is looking for help with social media marketing, and done for you Facebook ads, they often will search for talent in their local community.

And, with the search engines, and your Google account status and origin of search, your query results will display with a local dataset as much as possible (you can select or change location easily too). Marissa Mayer, Ex-Vice President of Location and Local Services at Google is further making this a cornerstone for local, social search.

When you consider Google’s local search technology (maps, mobile, earth) and combine it with local social media strategies and tools, experts can show you how to win the social media game for your business within your region (and beyond). If you use LOCAL SEO, you must leverage search, but also social signals.

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If you need help with social media in the Los Angeles region, who are the top experts? (This social media agency in Los Angeles can guide you.)

(Note: I have not vetted this list, but they are names that we see in our business. The order is also not in importance, it just editorially happened that way)

#1 Chaosmap Social Team – Los Angeles, California

This is one of the primary social media experts and social consultants in the south bay region of Los Angeles. This is a firm founded by the author of this post, focused on social, search and outreach and complete account management from beginning to end.

#2 – Laura Roeder – Venice, California

She has a very personalized approach, and takes social media very serious – even though she may seem casual about it. Her style works, and many businesses see great results.

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#3 – Lorrie Thomas – Santa Barbara, California

The popular and knowledgeable Lorrie and her team of social media experts standing by to assist. You’ll really be in for a surprise. The energy is over the top.

#4 Rex Freiburger – Los Angeles, California

He focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), WordPress SEO, Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management.

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#5 Kim Sherrell – Los Angeles, California

A little different – but focuses on New Media, Film, Technology, Art, Design, Comedy – and has strong influence online. (maybe more of a connector).

#6 – Alex Y. Becker – Los Angeles, California

Focus is on social media marketing and SEO. He works in a co-working office space in downtown LA area.

#7 – Top Tier Media – Los Angeles, California

Social media and outreach services in Los Angeles. A higher end social agency.

#8 – Gary Lee – Los Angeles, California

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Gary is a great guy, has worked with some big companies, including Disney. I had a chance to work with him a few years ago. Hard to get, but you can try.

#9 – Social Media Club LA – Los Angeles Chapter

You can find many members within this professional social media marketing club. Local and national. More…

#10 – Social Media Bumpers – North Hollywood, California

Social media management and process in Los Angeles

Finally, consider joining local social media and technology groups in Los Angeles:

Here are some to start with: https://www.twiistup.com, or https://barcampla.org – as well as https://www.digitalla.net/


All you need to start a new social media campaign may be a virtual assistant (assuming you know what you want, and have a plan and strategy in place). You can get one here.

(Notice: If you are a social media consultant in Los Angeles or surrounding areas, please submit to be added and vetted here to make it the “top 50 list”. And, try 1-800-570-5640 For a Free Social Media Strategy Session).

GET A FREE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY SESSION: Check out Social Media Experts Chaosmap, also in Los Angeles.

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