Website Form Tracking For Ultimate Performance

Tracking your website activities and key metrics is paramount. Running without web analytics, goals, or funnel tracking — well, you are a fool.

When you install your chosen web analytics script on all your web pages, you can run reports to find out what the users (website visitors) are doing on your sites and pages. Lots of web metrics are provided.

Here are some examples: how long they stay, what content is most popular, what keywords they found you by, overall traffic indicators (from organic and paid) — and conversions (what actions were completed to a defined set of goals).

In today’s video – we’ll discuss and share how to set up Goals using Google Analytics, a free web analytics service from the Big G. You can set up a new account by visiting

The main question I often get is this: “How can I find out what forms were completed to a thank-you page?”

Watch this short video explaining how to set up goal tracking in Google Analytics for your website.

You’ll be able see counters of web form fills as the system starts tracking your visitors. You can then continue to market to these ‘engaged’ visitors and create a funnel process for them. It will enhance the experience with the users, and over time – you’ll see cold leads become warm prospects – and eventually, customers and clients to you.

The assumption (prerequisites) is that you have the following:

  1. An HTML page with an input form on it (example: a ‘contact page’ with name, email, phone, etc)
  2. Web analytics installed (Google Analytics) on your ENTIRE web site
  3. An HTML ‘thank-you’ page in the top level root of your domain (thanks.html). It confirms the input from the ‘contact page’

(Note: Goals and Funnels are being discussed in this video. I use these terms similarly, but in fact, a goal is different than a funnel, seen here)


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