The WORLD’S GREATEST WEBSITE – does it really exist?

Alrighty…We’re onto some heavy stuff here.

We could also ask questions about the meaning of life,  our and your purpose on this planet and how and when the human race really began. How about mythical creatures – are they just that – myths – or did they ever exist?

Nah, that’s just a waste of time. We really just want to know the answer to the website question.

There are only a few core things that make up the worlds greatest website. I hope you watch this video now, and learn what they are. It will change the way you think about websites forever. (It’s BOLD, I know!)

What Makes a Great Website? This short video explains what you must do and have in place on your site to be great:

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C = Content (but what does that really mean?)

S = Social (how a community can help you grow fast)

L = Leads (capture leads via forms)

M = Monetize (how to make money with your website and business)

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