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If you want to reveal activity and trending information on the Internet broadly, there are some power tools you can use. Google trends is probably more familiar.

Yahoo clues launched recently, and should be considered as an additional power tool for your market research and trending.

For example, if your web traffic has been shrinking over the last month or more and your rankings and online ecosystem has remained the same, you could find out marketplace fluctuations with these tools, and Yahoo clues provides demographics like income, location, search flow and related searches.

Keep in mind, the data should be used as a guide, and is not always perfect. It may spike based on buzz, for example.

Here’s a Yahoo clues picture with Facebook vs. Google searches:

yahoo clues facebook google comparison

Between the free tools like Google trends, Google Ad planner, Yahoo Clues, Alexa, Compete and Quantcast – you can get amazing data sets to play with to build out a serious marketing programs for your various businesses.   Try it.

Are you using these tools to build our your marketing strategies?


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