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Nothing says “authority” more than a published book. The word “author” is a prefix to authority! 

That’s one of many embedded reasons that people and businesses look up to, respect and engage with a published author. You are by default a ‘trusted expert’.

Today, with so much hype and the perfectly indecent trolls and hucksters on the Internet, it’s more important than ever to overcome the skepticism and trust issues that face you.

It doesn’t matter if you are the consummate professional or have long experience and references from your industry. Your job of service/product provider has become that much harder. You need a better way to boost your image, your reputation and trust.

You might be employed by an organization. You may be an independent consultant, speaker or service professional.

Or, you are in transition – looking to expand within your firm and community, and/or completely branch out on your own. For example, a financial advisor who has worked within a brokerage firm for years and is starting his/her own RIA firm.

Adding a leading book to the list of accomplishments and raising the education and advocate level for you and your clients and prospects will have a terrific impact if done right.

Either way … an official published book will help you create maximum authority and leadership, and built quickly. You can be seen as somebody who gives back by offering it for free – and/or sell it where you speak, write, consult or show up! I’m going to break down how you can write a book in a weekend.

This is not a complete course, but it will help you get started. I’m not going to spend much time on the layout, structure and content areas. I will help you get started though and please check the resources area for more.

Why people don’t write a book in the first place

The main reason: “it costs too much and it is a lot of work”. (True, a high-profile book can cost between $300k to $500k and take months.  However, I’m talking about a professional grade starter ebook under 1k.)

Second – “I don’t know what to write, I have never written a book before.”

Finally – “how do I start and how do I market it?” They give up before even doing the research.

Add to this the unknown of how/where to get it published, all the technical and operational issues. Yeah, they’ll take that book to the grave with them, and deprive the world of their amazing experience, skills and talent! (Hint: don’t let that be you)

Seriously, the strategies and tools for creating a book from nothing to a published, 80-100 page book is not far away. In fact, you can write it in a focused weekend, and get it published within a days, and with reviews pouring in.

MY EXPERIENCE: I have written 3 books for Entrepreneur Press, McGraw-Hill Publishers (earlier name). I also published on Kindle. I’ve been where you are right now.

The hardest part back then? Getting over the fact that I’d never written a book before…and getting down to business! Self-limiting beliefs. Stupid, really.

Here is how to get the book written this weekend

You don’t need a writing degree or blessings from your English teacher to get started. In fact, the more you know, the more it might just slow you down. Get started today – and start simple.


  1. Establish and be clear on the goal of the book. Start with the #1 problem you are trying to solve for the reader.  Start brainstorming (but don’t over-analyze) a catchy title. Make it a short name if possible.
  2. Break this main problem and goal into sections. This will turn into chapters for your book. Begin each chapter with a strong headline and intro. You want to capture the reader’s attention.
  3. Begin speaking (record your voice) and creating content around these sections. Always begin with an overview, background.  Much like the story-arch of movies, with an intriguing beginning, expanding middle and a reveal in the end.  The end of the section should include “takeaways” or action steps that the reader will get immediate benefit from. Provide resources and links to your research. TIP: You can save time by using existing tele-seminars or webinars that has all the content already completed. You simply organize what you’ve already created into a book. If you are travelling often, and “don’t have time”, just talk into phone and send to copytalk.com


  1. Capture the audio and send to transcription service. We like Veed.io, but there are others like: rev.com or fiverr.com
  2. Get the manuscript together, add a couple of interviews as bonus and send to proofreader. You can use www.proofreadnow.com
  3. Add the catchy title and sub-text, author name from cover designs at fiverr.com
  4. Use CreateSpace or BookBaby to upload, set a price or none – and you’ll have the book completed

MARKET THE BOOK (starter tips):

  1. Leverage your local market first, local organizations, chamber of commerce, local TV, radio and magazines
  2. Give away copies to your clients and offer it as a special bonus when selling, speaking and networking
  3. Pursue and get invited to speaking events, give it away at events (link straight to your shopping cart or Amazon)
  4. Contact your professional network and friends to help push the book in exchange for a copy
  5. For every book, say this: “I want to give this to you. It will help you with X so that Y… As a favor in return, please leave a review on Amazon (link)”

Simple strategies to create a new book for your marketplace. You are on your way to becoming the ultimate authority in your field. Prospects, clients and businesses will see you as the go-to person for your industry. Off you go! You can create or complain…your choice. But, now you have the strategies and tools to get it done. Do it!

Author and ‘4-hour-work-week’ dude Tim Ferris has written a great post on “How To Write a Best-Selling Book This Year“. Definitely check this out to get you the additional support and insights for your own, great book!

Additional resources:


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