Don’t do THIS with your Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the most effective SEO tools available, provided of course that you do it right.

In spite of all the benefits that can be gained from article marketing many people seem to miss the most important aspects of article marketing.

They produce something that is not nearly as effective as it could be.

It can sometimes be preferable not to try to think of how it should be done, but rather try to think of how it should NOT be done.

There are some simple guidelines that you should stick to that will help to improve the effectiveness of your article marketing campaign.

1. Do Not Make Quantity Your Target

Article marketing is great partly because it allows you to create backlinks to your websites on other sites.

This means that your focus should be on mass producing articles to generate as many backlinks as you can right?

….. Wrong.

When you create a quality article that you have spent good time on, you build something that other people find helpful. When other people find your article useful they are likely to want to share it with others, in which case they syndicate your article.

Syndication can be powerful.

When your article is syndicated, another backlink for your site is automatically generated. This means that just one quality article that you have taken care of — could potentially create many more backlinks for you.

Remember also that an article can generate traffic for you much more directly. Your article will have a bio that allows you to provide your company’s info + website. And, if somebody finds your article useful, there’s every chance that they could decide to visit your site straight away. Produce a sub-par article, however, and the chances of somebody wanting to visit your site are very slim indeed.

2. Do Not Try To Sell

Targeted article directories present a fantastic opportunity for you to develop good will with a very wide audience. Anybody that has stumbled across your article is very unlikely to know you yet. You should first try to establish some trust before even attempting to sell a thing.

Create a quality article.

Use your knowledge and insight of your niche to solve a problem for somebody. Once you have helped somebody to solve a problem you have given them something that is valuable to them. And, giving somebody something of great value is one of the best ways that you can generate trust. This will encourage them to syndicate your articles so that others may be helped, and also encourage them to visit your site directly and maybe even make a purchase.

3. Don’t Stray Off Topic

If somebody has made a search for hard drives, focus your article on hard drives. You might think that a graphics card, for example, falls under the same category but if somebody wanted to read about graphics cards, they would have searched for graphics cards.

Don’t confuse the reader.

Remember to give the reader what they asked for and not what you want to talk about otherwise they will simply exit the article before even finishing it. So many internet marketers and SEO managers make the fatal error of going off-topic thinking it is a good idea to diversify. Doing so will simply frustrate the prospect and almost certainly cause you to lose them.

As we expand our knowledge it can become easy for us to overcomplicate things and try to incorporate everything we have learned. With this in mind, it is wise for even the most able and experienced SEO marketers to remember to get back to basics from time to time.

If you would like to have quality articles produced for effective article marketing, a professional SEO copywriting firm will deliver just what you need.


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