webtraffic secrets using people and social mediaAs you look at the different ways to expand your visibility online, you’ll likely look to “obvious” marketing channels like press releases, pay per click, emails and banner advertising.

The truth is, the nature of conquering the marketing beast is more aptly done by using additional, much more targeted opportunities for brand lift.

In the book “12 easy ways to make millions for your business”, author Mary-Ellen Tribby talks about the multiple marketing channels you should now consider for your empire building.

To attain and sustain success in today’s dynamic business environment, it’s no longer enough to be good at just one type of marketing. While you may already be making money using just one marketing channel, expanding into additional channels—especially the Internet—will help you attract prospective customers and increase your company’s potential revenue. The fact is, if you’re only using one channel, you’re likely leaving millions of dollars on the table and in danger of losing the customers you already have. – M.E. Tribby.

After reading that book and this post, you should be more than ready to be overwhelmed with opportunities for you!

What are some of these “internet things” you should consider for your business.

Here’s a quick list.

Understanding that we live in a social world is profoundly underlined when you think about the fast growth of the internet and the social aspects of it.

Take a look at this social media revolution video:

Things to look into today:

1. SEO

Search engine optimization is big! So is local search (Google serves over 20% of all searches to the local markets).

2. Bookmarking sites

Use a free service like delicious.com, stumbleupon.com, socialmarker.com – and begin to bookmark your assets on the net. Then, share those

3. Massive social networks

Get an account on Facebook (more page views than Google, 500+million users), Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. Do it now. Get your brand name up in lights!

4. Get a blog

Host this blog on your own domain. (You can start on a shoestring budget on wordpress.com – but it’s easy enough to do yourself)

5. Search/research

Use Google, Google Blogsearch, Twitter Search and vertical business directories and portals to find your “niche” worlds. Then, engage these.

What do you think?


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