In this episode of the “sitdown” – I’ll discuss some controversial (perhaps) and sound ideas that you can use to get quality leads from your business right now.

These are great strategies that work amazingly well, and as you’ll see – it’s not hard to get the data to implement them either.

Watch the “fast ways to get more buyer leads” video now:

Image capture:

Fast takeaways:
1) Don’t do cold calling or raise your media spend
2) Don’t copy what everybody else is doing
3) Focus on existing traffic and website data
4) Work within the message/copy and conversion areas
5) Create segmented and specific landing pages
6) Use interactive content marketing and test!

We use the assumption of existing traffic, that you have a business already selling products and services and that you have an email list. There will be another video on how to start from scratch in the episodes, so please subscribe to the videos (

For some businesses, “cold calling” can be a great way to start the lead flow. “Paid advertising” is also extremely viable, but not until you fix the immediate issues that about 90% of all businesses face – first. Leverage the power of “online lead generation” and use testing to determine what pages convert the best for you — and build out the sales and marketing funnels.


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