As you’ve seen in the previous videos – I showed you how you can generate leads with no marketing budget (video #1), how you could build out a structure of an online lead magnet or human grabber (video #2) so that your audience could get more information. And, you could now begin to serve + engage with them. This will be fully explained in today’s post and video (below).

In this business building system presentation today (video #3), you’ll see how to turn on your revenue in a much bigger way. And, it’s been systematized. So, you build it once, and it starts working for you, over-and-over again.

In summary, here are the videos – summarized:

STEP 1: (How to get leads, “Lead Generation with no Marketing Dollars“)

Create a lead-magnet and special access web page where you offer something of excellent value to your audience

STEP 2: (How to structure of the offer and page, “The Anatomy of a Landing Page“)

Detailed view of how you must construct a user and Google friendly page for higher engagement and conversion

STEP 3: (How to implement the business building system – today’s post, video below)

In a simple, sequenced fashion,  I show you how you can build revenue fast – in less than a week, and just 4 days if you want.

First – Watch today’s video on revenue building for your online business:

Next – Download the FREE PDF of the Entire Sales Building System (opens in new window)


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