In today’s world of social networks and rich media — like videos — you’ll be left behind if you don’t consider using them for your business and online marketing.

However, not all videos are created equal.

Every industry requires a certain approach. And, one that speaks to their audience.

If you are in the entertainment industry, a video on how to upgrade your Windows system will not work well for you. You need to research the competition, see what others are doing in your market. Then, try to be unique and different.

You’ll often hear this: “You should build amazing videos, so people keep coming back and tell their friends about them”. Easier said than done, right?

Here are some examples of amazing YouTube videos that should help you. And, keep doing them, it will not be perfect the first time.

YouTube is owned by Google, and after their announcement of shutting down the old Google Videos, YouTube and other video networks will grow even more. Traffic is massive from video channels. Therefore, you should aim to publish videos. It’s another powerful ally for internet marketing.

Outside of getting your video known/seen, you must have these ingredients included for success:

  1. You have researched your market, and your video message/content will “speak” to your audience. (in other words, “who’s your audience”)?
  2. The video is super-informative and useful, and you ask  people to share and subscribe to you YouTube channel, along with giving them something for free.
  3. You will create a contest, quiz or an amazing offer or bribe that they cannot refuse.

TRAFFIC BONUS: Consider buying an existing, popular channel on YouTube, or renting “space” for your link to get more visitors to yours. Many don’t know the value of it, but you do.

Here are some very cool YouTube videos that are popular online right now. Use them to get ideas.

Charlie Bit My Finger – Harry and his little b...
Image via Wikipedia

So, what can you do to add some spice to your videos? Good content is relative, but boring content is not. So, make it fun and interesting!


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