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As you look at the New Year, your “plans” or “goals” alone are not enough. You need to follow up, ie. take consistent action!

So, you may be finding yourself in a state of excitement still from your new objectives and all the things you’ll do this year. But, some of those may even be starting to fade a little – because you have not taken any action yet. What are you waiting for? You are starting to feel a little bad about it, but you know deep inside you’ll do it (right)?

You are likely not facing life or death like the person in this story, but it sure did put him into massive action. You can get into fast progress by not waiting. “When I get that, then I will do this” – is a jail sentence for your prosperous life opportunities.

And, finally – if you feel that you are dealing with “big” issues in your workday and in life, watch the video last. I ought to put some things into perspective for you – about “size”. Maybe now the problems don’t seem that huge?

Incidentally, if you don’t read this with a marketer’s eye – you are missing another message here: present your message to a hungry market, show them the problem even more (twist the knife, so to speak) and inspire with a great solution!

The guy in our story, Tim – is a 57 year old mortgage banker that faced a stark choice: lose the weight, change the habits… or else (death). He had established bad eating and health habits over decades, and was drinking 2-4 liters of regular pop drink every day, with big burgers, fries and dessert during business days.

At night, he would wolf down big dinners, and doughnuts any time he could get them, seemingly.

When a check up at the doctor revealed the potential oncomings of type II diabetes, he received a devastating, but real message from his doctor: Change, or die.

It seriously woke him up. The sinister nature of this message put him into action.

  • In a year, he lost approx 223 pounds
  • He lost 170 pounds, down from 393
  • A complete turnaround of his life at all levels

He changed his diet:

  • Started eating 5 times a day
  • Yogurt for breakfast
  • Fruits
  • Salad/sandwich for lunch
  • Small peanuts for snack
  • Lean cuisine and similar for dinner
  • Eating slowly, enjoying the meal
  • Water
  • 1200 calorie days, and slowly moving up to current 1,800 calories
  • Working at gym daily

His message is: “don’t wait for your doctor to give you bad news. You don’t have the time NOT do this”.

My message is: “what are you waiting for to change your personal and business life around”? If you could wave the proverbial magic wand – what is ONE particular skill that you could learn that would make the biggest change for you in the next 1-6 months?

What have you done to push yourself a little further recently?

FINALLY – watch this video. How big are you?


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