In sports, the term “coach” is very familiar. We all have had one, and top athletes and teams always do. There is a clear reason for it, but you may not think much about it.

It’s what is considered “normal” and “necessary” for success, both personally, and as a team in sports. In business, and life – life coaches can make a profound change. Even smart people, and known business people – like Donald Trump – have life coaches. Yes, it’s smart.

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The concepts of self help and life improvement are relatively new. It is only in recent years that people have begun to take control over their destinies and create their own opportunities, instead of waiting for life to provide them.

So, what is a life coach – really?

Therapy has played a big role in this change in perspectives, as further insight into the human psyche allows for greater understanding. Also relevant to these new ideas is a life coach, and this article will explain more about what a life coach is, and what they do.

A life coach, also known as a personal coach, works with anyone who wants to improve their life in a particular area. Usually this relates to changing careers, starting or improving a relationship, losing weight, or completing some other specific goal.

Life coaches specialize in stress management, allowing those who utilize their services to gain control over the parts of their life that cause anxiety.

Life coaches also focus on time management, improving organization and increasing personal productivity. Other key areas of focus when working with a life coach are goal setting, facing challenges, and methods to stay motivated and empowered.

Although often confused for the same thing, life coaches are different than therapists or psychiatrists.

Although their practice includes some of the same issues and methods, life coaches focus on the present and the future. While therapy is designed to explore the past in order to make new conclusions about the present, life coaching is meant to propel people forward by making goals and focusing on current behaviors. Additionally, the life coach and the patient have a more equal relationship than the therapist and the patient.

The balance of power is meant to keep both parties on the same playing field, as opposed to one member being seen as the ultimate specialist.

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