Any business has a service component to it. From the simplest to the more complex.

That means you have an opportunity to not only include your services as part of your model, but consider adding a specialized version of it. For (much) higher dollars, business coaching comes to your aid.

When somebody buys a product or service, you can add an exclusive coaching arrangement to help your bottom line.

At first, it may be just you. That’s ok. You can scale over time. They need you out there.

At its core – coaching is about the personal relationship of trust developed between coach and client, but how in the world can you ever make enough money offering a low cost coaching program that is still personal in nature? Believe it or not all effective coaching does not have to be one-on-one coaching. In fact one-on-one coaching should be very limited, exclusive and very expensive.

There are three types of coaching that you can offer outside of one-on-one coaching that can help you increase your income exponentially because you will leverage assets that you already have, your coaching materials, books, reports and courses for a wider audience than you ever thought was doable. After all, you’re only one person. Technology makes it possible to deliver effective coaching in several ways.

1. Coaching via auto-responder — Email auto-responders are fabulous to use for coaching programs. If you’re not aware of everything an auto-responder can do then listen up. With an auto-responder like Aweber you can create an automatic “drip” email membership club that doesn’t even require a complicated website to distribute your materials. You can also create rules within the auto-responder that will segment your market based on whether they’ve purchased your products or not. Auto-responders are a must have way to increase your bottom line!

2. Coaching via WordPress — WordPress, if you don’t know is a dynamic open source website and blogging platform that is very adaptable and useful for creating blogs or the largest website you could dream of. You can make your self-hosted WordPress site into a membership site very simply with a membership site plug in like Digital Access Pass, WP Member Site plug in, or s2Member membership plug in. All of these plug ins can help you create a very dynamic membership site for your coaching program.

3. Coaching via Webinar — Webinar technology has come a long way. You have,, and and a whole host of other platforms that you can use for a group coaching session. Look at the features for each but in most cases you can easily charge for your webinar, show your PowerPoint slides and freely speak and hear your clients via this method.

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Naturally you can use each of these coaching methods to promote your most exclusive, one-on-one coaching program which is the most expensive you offer since time is limited.

Having these other three methods of coaching available to you and your clients will not only increase your bottom line almost effortlessly after set up, but it will give you more freedom to be more choosy about the one-on-one clients that you accept.

Do you want to find out what different coaching programs and types exist? Find that free coaching secrets report here.


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