(Understatement of the year): For business-to-business (B2B) online relationship building there is really nothing like LinkedIn. And, it’s free to get started.

See, unlike Twitter, Facebook, YouTube – there is an underlying understanding between members that reflects a business-as-usual model.

It’s somewhat refreshing. You don’t have to hide behind the fact that you are there to ‘business network’: Look for a new opportunity, discover old job friends & people networks. Listen, watch and share within vibrant B2B communities (called groups). And, you have a great opportunity to showcase your expertise and create authority through the ‘Answers’ section. Create events and share as well.

LinkedIn provides many tools, from multiple search options (people, jobs, companies, answers, more) and email with subscriptions that enhance your LinkedIn experience. You can even contact anyone directly via InMail (paid).

That’s a brief overview, but it doesn’t explain how you can increase your targeted web traffic quickly. Let’s do that now.

Content marketing is key to getting eyeballs back to you. From text, audio to videos and more, it’s something you MUST do.

Understandably, with the recent Google Farmers Update you might be scared to jump in. But don’t be. As long as you create valuable content, and provide a channel that visitors can engage with, you are on your way.

In fact, a study by MarketingProfs showed that 88% used a content marketing strategy for B2B in 2010.

marketingprofs b2b content marketing study

The goal then is to create value to the marketplace. Any marketplace, but certainly LinkedIn. Spamming with garbage and self-interest only — serves no one.

The study further showed an interesting use case by industry where computing/software was top placement:
marketingprofs b2b content marketing by industry chart

Finally, it showed how this content was used for distribution and sharing. Social media at the top:

marketingprofs b2b content marketing by effective use tactic (social media)

Social media is “everything” these days, but for this post – we’re talking about LinkedIn networking.

Here are three things you must do to get your message seen.


Create a LinkedIn account (company name or personal/both). Fill out the profile as much as possible, including applications, presentations, books (and even video). You can check mine as an example. Now you have a profile/website that you can use.


Research groups that you can join (use search, and look at your competitors and friend networks) that matches your marketplace. Watch and learn before joining, but if it makes good sense for you – Join.  After approval, you can add value to that community/group.


Once you have been accepted and found friends/connections, listen, and find opportunities to sharing content. As with anything social media, try to share by the 80/20 rule – 80% about them, not you. The 20% is “you” – a general guideline.  When posting, and using the group selection option for sharing, you’ll quickly see the power of this targeted, traffic generating machine:

Do this:
linkedin traffic tip in 5 minutes jon rognerud

Watch the new traffic come pouring in. Different marketplaces will have different results. Your quality of content will matter, and I assume it’s targeted. The whole approach is based on “white hat” (non-spam) approach, and with the core goal of building relationships, providing value and listening for feedback. I think you’ll be amazed.

What do you think? Have you tried it yet?


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