How To Kick YouTube Views Up Fast
We all know that purchases are made on an emotional basis. We reason with logic (later). For example, when did you ever buy a new car from that sales person who featured 10 things that the BMW engine has, that a) nobody cares about (really), and b) you never even heard about?

Sure, it’s great to talk about, but it’s really the envy of your friends, neighbors and the FEELING you get from driving it that buys you confidence, freedom and success.

Wow, that was a digression if I have saw one. But, it’s true – we buy on emotion, and ONLY from those we know, like & trust. We can discuss what’s more important at another time – but assume them all to be equal for now.

How can you move the KLT factor up online? Video, of course – and YouTube is FREE!

So, you need to be more visible, and one way is to increase visitors to your videos, improving ranking along the way (number of views are in the ranking algo on YouTube) and providing good value.

Here’s a Ninja YouTube Tip to do exactly that. It will take you about 10-20 seconds to change up your game.


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