Link bait content creation and link building go hand in hand because if people are really interested in the content, it has the potential of going viral and being linked to – from all over the internet.

link bait tips for seo

Link bait can be all types of content – including written blog posts, videos, photos, widgets, tools or a podcast. It doesn’t matter how you make the content or what subject the content is about, your goal should be to make content that people feel the need to click and also share with their friends and family – even business associates.

Here are 3 Excellent Link bait tips that will have your link profile increased in no time.

NUMBER ONE: Create Content Relevant to Your Website

This is one of the most important aspects you should consider when trying to come up with link bait strategies. Make sure that the content is relevant to your website. While creating off topic link bait articles might help boost traffic temporarily, people are less inclined to trust you as a source and will try to find the information somewhere else instead of sharing the page or engaging with your website.

If you make top quality content about topics that have to do with same industry your website is in,  you will not only attract more quality traffic, but you will also convert some of the traffic into future buyers and repeat visitors. With enough quality link bait content, people will start automatically coming to your site for their information and more to get more content. It begins to make the whole process much easier for them.

Another good thing about doing this, is that your website will eventually be seen as an expert source in your field. Other similar websites will happily link your content on their sites because it also helps them generate traffic.

NUMBER TWO: Include All of the Main Link Bait Elements

All good link bait content has certain elements, such as a great headline, important and useful information, some visual effects, and an unexpected hook of some kind.  While it is understandable that not all content will be able to cover each element, your goal should always be to include as many of them as possible. Solve their main problems first – and fast.

The most important part of any link bait content is the headline. This is the first impression people get about the content and the ultimate deciding factor on whether or not they will click it. Taking some extra time to come up with the perfect headline can make or break your content, so be sure that it is the best it can possibly be.

Make sure the content speaks to your audience and that it’s easily consumable. Make it simple. If you try to implement something that doesn’t flow naturally, it might end up hurting the content.  Just create the content as best as you can, and ask for feedback along the way.

NUMBER THREE: Give People a Reason to Share and Link the Content

Give people reasons to share your content with their friends and family.

There are plenty of different ways that have been proven to work, such as including a promotion or a sale within the content and improving the look of your website to make it appear more professional and trustworthy. Some great examples would be an online retail site including a limited time discount that is exclusively to a specific page only. By inserting some type of discount code, it gives people a reason to share it on their blogs and pass it to others around them.

Making your content extremely valuable to others can make going viral a much easier process. Sometimes this trick takes some creativity. It’s not necessarily easy to come up with a unique way to promote sharing, but once you find an effect way for your audience, you will see your link profile, shares and traffic rise dramatically.

There are lots of different tips and tricks to help your link bait content increase your link profile for SEO, but these 3 link bait tips will get you headed in the right direction.

Just remember that the most important part of any link bait content is the content itself. So, don’t go trying to implement a lot of tricks without giving deep thoughts and apply research to what might work for your marketplace. Link bait can have a negative effect if not done right.


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