When I think about the many opportunities that exist in internet marketing for

… and with an awesome “speed to market”, there is no better than PPC Marketing. (But only if you are tracking your activities and results)

You can save your business a ‘boat-load’ (I looked it up) of money, if you do it right.

As the saying goes; “Every minute spent in planning will save you 10 minutes in execution”. Or, put another way – “every 1 dollar you spend in planning, will save you 10 dollars in loss”.

When it comes to internet marketing and using the PPC platforms, this could not be more true. However, while it’s simple – it’s not easy.

Pay Per Click can do this for you.

Imagine you’re about to hire a new SEO agency. After the obligatory upfront “in-take” of client information, competitive marketplace conversations, top level strategy discussions, along with keywords, analytics overviews, content and link opportunities (early stage), the company tells you this:what is internet marketing and what does it mean to you

“We will start your SEO program with PPC campaign(s), and run it for the next X+ weeks. We’ll need a budget of $. After that, we’ll determine if your business will be profitable and if we can be successful with your SEO within a reasonable time frame”. “We’ll also share with you our process, and determine how we best work together”.

What? A PPC campaign for an SEO program?

This is just one of the examples of smart internet marketing. An agency with this approach will save you money in the long run. You’ll have to be willing (and able) to invest more up front possibly, but combined with good research and PPC tactics for higher CTR (click-through-rates) and quality scores, and intelligent testing – you can still compete and get valuable marketing data, and much faster. This data will be used for your SEO page buildout and strategy development.

Benefits of PPC and Internet Marketing

Your traditional marketing is less effective.  With today’s online strategies and tools, you can get targeted, measurable, cost-effective and “early mover” advantages. This includes detailed conversion tracking. An economic slump you say? Boy, if there was a better time… The competition is slacking off, cutting budgets, – but you are adding & increasing your efforts. Smart thinking. Now we’re talkin’.

You can turn your programs on/off very quickly, and test a market (if you are an affiliate or information marketer for example) with just a few hundred dollars. We all want profits now, but smart spending will give you the bigger returns later. And, it will be more sustainable as you add the various marketing layers – because you know what works.

Standard PPC Management Process

Pay Per Click Management Process CircleThe graphic on the right outlines the process for your pay per click management in a typical program. The entire flow uses a backend of analytics and tracking for campaign success. That includes parameter passing (URL) for integrated systems and reporting.

Tools to help your mission of “fast success” are:

How do you use your PPC? Do you agree that it’s a massive profit generator for your business?

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